WHEN:        Thursday, August 3rd – 6:30 – 7:30 pm

WHERE:      Old Hickory Park, 550 Hickory Lane, La Crescent

COST:            Free – Free – Free – Free

For Charlie Maguire, growing up in upstate New York, the die was cast early on: When a friend’s brother joined the Navy and left a guitar behind, a teen-age Charlie borrowed the instrument, paid $2.95 for a book entitled Play the Guitar in 30 Minutes, and unceremoniously commenced what would become his life’s work. By the mid-’60s, he was hanging around the folk centers in New York City and Boston, learning from pioneers of the folk music revival–people like Pete Seeger and Lee Hays–and from the new breed of folk performer–the likes of Arlo Guthrie and Holly Near.


Charlie has also been honored with many grants and awards, including a Bush Artist Fellowship and the New York Film and Television Festival Gold Award. He has been named a “Humanities Scholar” by the Minnesota Humanities Commission. He lectures throughout the region on the role of women in environmental history; and he is an adjunct professor of Language Arts at Hamline University in Saint Paul, teaching a course on songwriting. He has written for the Star Tribune (Minneapolis), and for All Things Considered and Options in Education, both on National Public Radio.

A lot of Charlie’s music centers on the underdogs in history.  There is Mary H. Gibbs, the first ever woman park ranger or Clara Wagner, the first woman to be issued a motorcycle license

Feel free to bring a lawn chair or blanket.  Come and enjoy music in the park

This project is made possible with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the people of Minnesota for Library Legacy activities.

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