LaCrescent Public Library Meeting Room Policy


The library meeting room is available at no charge to any organization on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting its use.  The LaCrescent Public Library Board does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.  Groups must allow the general public acess and may not charge admission fees.

Government agencies or officials may close the meeting room to the public as the law allows.

Activities, meetings, exhibits and programs sponsored, co-sponsored or otherwise provided by the Library Board or staff will have priority of the use of the meeting room.

The room is intended for use of local residents/organizations.  They will receive priority over non-residents.

There is a no smoking poilicy in the meeting room as in the rest of the building.

Meetings may be scheduled up to three months in advance.  Dates and times are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  No group has an automatic right to a certain day or date on a regular basis.  The LaCrescent Public Library Board and other library affiliated organizations, however, may schedule meetings on a permanent basis and as far ahead as necessary.  Other library affiliated organizations include the Firends of the Library, SELCO, and any book clubs or discussion groups.

The library director reserves the right to ask any group to change the time or date of its meeting if the meeting room is needed for library purposes.  The library director will make every effort to give the organization as much notice as possible.

Neither the Library Board nor its staff is respoinsible for any equipement, supplies, materials, clothing or other items brought to the library by any group or individual attending a meeting.

Meetings may be scheduled tentatively by telephone but the responsibility form must be filled out and returned to the library director before the room is considered reserved.

If a meeting is canceled, the library director should be notified as far in advance of the date as possible.

Meetings may be scheduled after regular library hours.  The representative who signed the application must pick up the key during regular library hours, and keys must be either left on the conference room table or deposited in the book drop immediately upon locking up.   Failure to return a key will result in denial of future use.  In addition, failure to return a key by closing time the following day shall result in a charge to the applicant for replacing locks.


No cooking allowed.  Coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages and simple bars, cookies, sack lunches or other food may be served.  No red dye based beverage, such as Kool-Aid, or food, such as Jello-O, is allowed.

No open flames such as candles are allowed.

All activities must be supervised on premises by at least one adult 21 years of age or older.  The person completing the meeting room application is ultimately responsible.

Meeting room users may arrange furnishings.  The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a 36″ walkway to be maintained, and the furniture must be moved back to its original position before vacating the room.  The room must be left in a clean condition.  If the condition is unacceptable to the staff, the group will be billed for cleaning and/or damages and may lose its right to future use of the room.

Expected cleaning includes; tables and chairs back in original locations, all garbage removed from the building and put in the dumpster outside the conference room door.  Materials brought in by the group removed and the tables and counters wiped off.

The library shall not be identified as meeting room user’s address or office.  The library will not receive mail on behalf of the user or keep any materials, equipement, or personal property fo the user.

Use of the meeting room must cease by 11:00 pm.

No tacks, nails, or scotch tape are to be placed in or on doors, walls, windows or furniture.

The maximum number of people allowed in the meeting room at any given time is 25.