WHEN:  Thursday, October 26th @ 7:00pm

WHERE:  La Crescent Public Library

The force of nature is great….and often very unpredictable.  On august 19, 2007, southeastern Minnesota, western Wisconsin and northeast Iowa resident were witness to the cruelty of nature as some locations saw 19 inches of rain fall in less than 48 hours.  Some called it a “deluge”, some compared it to a monsoon.  Meteorologists referred to it as “training” when a weather system goes over the same area for a long period of time.  In a part of the country where creeks and small rivers normally meander amongst peaceful valleys surrounded by scenic bluffs, that much rain in a short amount of time led to raging torrents of water tearing through those valleys and mudslides crashing down those scenic bluffs.

Jon Steffes is an elementary school teacher who lives in La Crescent, Minnesota.  His involvement in the community and his summer job as City of La Crescent Summer Recreation Director has put him in contact with the hard-working members of the Police and Fire Departments, who have inspired this book.  Heroes Among Us is Jon’s fifth book.

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